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        I am a very confident person and I like to control everything. I was very skeptical to let the revenue management activity in the hands of an external company, but I had received a recommendation for UpRev Solutions and finally decided to start a 3 months trial.

     Three months after the implementation we have seen a revenue increase to up to 60 %!

   The price's optimization in real time, current data and the implication of the personal account manager designed for our company by Up Rev Solutions, brought us more clients than we have ever dreamed of! 

  We will definitely continue to use their services.

CEO Independent Hotel Berlin, Germany
   When we heard about Up Rev Solutions, we didn't even know about this possibility of increasing our income. We used to struggle with regular online reservation platforms which were time consuming and brought minimum results. 

      After we have started collaborating with Up Rev Solutions, our business had a positive explosion. Bookings were flowing both direct and indirect. 

       But the best part is that we didn't have to pay for anything in advance, they only took a small commission from the profit each month. 
   We have tried to make our own revenue department but didn't succeed, resulting only in loss of time and money.

   With Up Rev Solutions we achieved our goals with NO investment. Who would have thought that the very own company we didn't trust at the beginning, was about to surprise us big time. 

    Not only with the fantastic results, but also with it's professional team and services.

                                          We highly recommend!

Are you curious how a successful hotel works?
Besides its luxury services and the fancy aspect? 
What is the secret?

Human Work! Behind of a great company you find a professional team, who makes the whole work!

Up Rev Solutions it is your team!

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