• Analyzing, comparing and filtering desired reservation data by establishment, guest profile, distribution channel or market code;

  • We handle all the online reservations, this will generate more revenue and guest experience than ever before;

  • Maintaining   and   updating   sale   platforms  -  establishing  price  policy,  making changes daily depending on the demand, availability and competitors prices, through our Chanel Manager; Providing dynamic rate updates to all major worldwide distribution channels for global operations.


  • We support high volumes of transactions and can quickly respond to the complex and dynamic market by saving your time and increasing the revenues; Multi-level rate and inventory control results in higher profitability.

  • Providing access to multiple properties through a web browser that allows to setup the rates, map those to the Online Travel Agencies (OTA), Booking Engines and Global Distribution Systems (GDS), analyze the market, update the availability and rate data and re-push reservations; Our services can be configured to suit any size of establishment, group or chain;

  • We analyze local market trends and competitor activity, customer needs and comments in an effort to develop/modify new plans, actions and programs in order to generate new future business for your Establishment;

  • We build excellent relationships across the diverse spectrum within the leisure division. This includes local and international tour operators, wholesalers, travel agents, online travel agents, etc.

  • We  create  sales  strategy  for  the  appropriate  marketing,  advertising  and sales plan & programs, managed within your approved plans and budgets;

  • We   develop   and   continuously   enhance   the   relationship   with   internal   and   external   customers, industry community-organizations peers, professional association and media;

  • Most important: we increase your brand awareness and image consolidation.

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• Brand Awarenes: We will improve your brand recognition online

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• Work Smart: You no longer have to update your availability and rate manually

• Bust Strategy: We adjust the strategy accordingly to your business’s best interest

• Recommendation: Our main partner it is Best Western Plus Hotel 4*

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