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           We are your personal Revenue Increase Manager.
Let Us Grow Your Business for You!


                                        Why do Companies trust us? Because we earned their trust!

                          The worst thing that can happen is for you to win 100$. Yes, it's no trick :)


                          That's right, if you don't see results within 3 months, we pay 100$ for your

                          alledged dissapointment in trusting us.


                                         What do we gain?

                          Well, first of all, your respect and consideration after seing the results :)

                          Secondly, we gain a very small percentage from your's business' profit.


                                                                          NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

Do you ever wonder?

  • Have you ever wondered how luxury Hotels work so good?
  • They have a hole REVENUE DEPARTMENT at they’r disposal. Of course that involves spending a lot of money but without them a hotel can not grow.
  • Group Ybs created a great team of Revenue Managers at your disposal.
  • Ask for an offer and be prepared to maximize your revenue!

                       We don’ t tax you any fee, we work based on commission:



                            10 % for the EXTRA revenue amount we bring to your business!

                             Compared with last year's same period of time since the collaboration has started. 





We offer full transparency for all the services we provide. 

We work toghether to put your business on the success lane

Results guaranteed by our team of professionals by the end of the first month

100$ back at the end of the trial period 


Miru is great, she has great body and a high sex-appeal :)


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UpRev Solutions

  1. ro


The best thing is that you will not invest in equipment, servers, computers or online platforms!


 Our fees are only based on commission payment based on our commission for the EXTRA revenue amount we bring to your business.


We establish the strategy based on the type of establishment – Hotels / Chain of Hotels / Motels or Hotel Apartments.


With more than 300 worldwide online platforms our company is collaborating with, we will increase your brand awareness, and therefore online bookings, leading to a considerable higher overall business revenue increase (the online bookings will also contribute to the revenue increase of your restaurant(s) and other facilities that your establishment offers).


We make all the settings from the beginning.

We will establish together the room’s structure, define the available rooms rates based on the low/high seasons and local events.

We will connect your establishment to all the worldwide online reservation platforms.

  • We handle all the online reservations; this will generate more revenue and guest experience than ever before;


  • Maintaining and updating sale platforms – We provide you with a personal Revenue Manager


  • We increase the revenues, bringing more customers all around the World.


  • We setup rooms and rates, map those to the Online Travel Agencies (OTA), Booking Engines and Global Distribution Systems (GDS), analyze the market, update room and rate data and re-push reservations; Our services can be configured to suit any size of hotel group or chain;


  • All the income will go direct to your account!


Why Us?


  • We will increase your online bookings, thus increasing your monthly revenue: It’s clear that online bookings are The Future. Our services will facilitate the connection between worldwide potential clients and your business through all the worldwide global distribution channels we connect you to, online.


  • We can improve your brand recognition online: Through our services, hundreds of online travelling agencies will want a partnership with you due to our specialized marketing strategy and brand awareness. In turn, you will have access to a multitude of guests looking to book rooms online. The end result is that your visibility and recognition improves amongst both worldwide agencies and travelers.


  • We will boost your direct bookings: While many people think of our services as a great way to connect with the all-powerful online travelling agencies, as a side-effect, it will also increase your direct bookings. Your guests may research various hotel options on any of our global distribution channels, but once they discover your brand, they may head to your website in order to directly finalize their booking (therefore “skipping” the commission fee you have to pay for the advertising platforms). This is what’s known as ‘The Billboard Effect’.


  • We virtually eliminate the risk of over-bookings and double bookings: A diverse distribution network is necessary in order to maximize your bookings and sell as many rooms as possible. Our services help you to partner-up with as many agencies and travelers as possible – without the risk of overbooking or double-bookings. We continuously manage the room availability, rates, and inventory updates in real-time, so guests can only book rooms that are actually available (at the same time, our team continuously analyses the prices of your competition and updates them accordingly so that you will always have the advantage).


  • You no longer have to update your availability and rate manually: Your staff will no longer have to deal with the time-consuming task of manually updating your inventory. When a room is booked, we will automatically update the inventory across our entire worldwide global distribution network, therefore any human-error that may occur, will be removed.


  • We can adjust the strategy accordingly to your business’s best interest: for example, reduce the availability, close out rooms, or increase rates on the channels that generate the least revenue – in favor of those that are more profitable depending on the seasons, holidays and local events – all at your advantage.

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UpRev Solutions © 2020

UpRev Solutions © 2020

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